On 25th of April, 2015, Ebrahim Moradi took the position of the General Manager of ATS from Alireza Askari who had the honor of being retired. Rahmatollah Mahabadi, The CEO of IAC, selected him for this position (in picture below the CEO is officially introducing Moradi as the GM of IRAN ATS, Askari is on left).








Name-Surname: Ebrahim Moradi

Birth date: 1977

Birth place: Birjand, I.R. Iran

Educational Background:

- Bachelor's degree in ATS

​- Master's degree in Political Science- International Relations

- Master's degree in governmental management-HR


Occupational Background:

- ACC Radar Controller

- ACC Radar Instructor

- Deputy Supervisor of ACC 2009-2011

- Deputy Chief of ACC2011-2014

- Chief of ACC 2014-2015

Peripheral Activities:

- Head of Iran-ATCA scientific-Cultural Committee 2003-2005
- Deputy secretary general of Iran-ATCA 2005-2007
- Secretary General of Iran-ATCA 2007-2011